About Us

Daniel C. Staton Chairman | Maria Balodimas Staton Chief Investment Officer

Led by Daniel C. Staton and Maria Balodimas  Staton, Staton Capital LLC is a private equity firm that invests in a  wide array of business sectors and industries. We specialize in:

Principal Investments
Commercial and Retail Real Estate
Distressed Debt
Leveraged Transactions
Special Situations Financing
Venture Capital 

Our team has a unique background combining  both investing and operating backgrounds with experience in the real  estate, media/communications, consumer products, technology, and  business services industries. Collectively we have operated 1,000+  employee ventures, raised over $10 billion of public and private  capital, and also sold and exited several billion dollars of assets. Our  experience allows us to contribute as objective investors, while truly  understanding the every-day issues facing management of a company.

In  addition to capital, we provide highly specialized skills, strategic  expertise, and key relationships to portfolio companies. Our vast,  worldwide network includes investors, entrepreneurs, research  institutes, industry analysts, investment bankers, legal counsel and  other private equity firms. We are active Board members at various  companies and have the energy and experience to add value to portfolio  companies.