Sample Investment

Here Today

is an off-price specialty retail store  chain in the Midwest. Beautiful, bright, clean stores sell merchandise  at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Here Today’s exceptional  management team has a long track record of driving store unit growth and  store level productivity as founders and managers of Deal$. As of  January 2018, ten stores are profitable and 27 additional stores will be  open by year end 2020.


has developed hands-free, error-free  communication through its patented micro-balloon SmartBud™ earpiece  technology. The SmartBud™ provides a perfect fit and all-day  wearability, allowing clear communication in any environment. Techiya  owns 150 granted and pending patents which support its technology and  will deliver a revolutionary communication interface 

Terran Orbital

is a Satellite industry disruptor. Building  the first IP network in orbit, future satellites will not require  transmission to and from the earth. By eliminating the need for  satellites to communicate with the ground, cost as well as size and  battery requirements are significantly reduced. Terran Orbital  subscribers will not need to obtain nor justify spectrum licenses for  communications. Satellite cost will drop from the current $200 million  to $1.5 million with no functionality loss. Terran Orbital is currently  engaged with the Department of Defense and NASA on several projects and  has a significant investment by Lockheed Martin Ventures.